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Aimee Melton

Responsible, Responsive, and Ready for Omaha

Getting Omaha Back to Normal

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges our city has ever faced. Our recovery has been dependent on responsible, responsive leadership. Our City Council has led by example to protect and grow Omaha. Although our economy is recovering, we still have a lot of room for growth. Together, we can work to encourage our neighbors to take practical precautions to protect our most vulnerable and get in line for the COVID-19 vaccine. I am hopeful that as the weather warms this spring and we do our part as responsible neighbors, our community will feel more at ease and ready to return to normal life. 

Promoting a Safe Community

Public safety is my first priority. As your City Councilwoman, I prioritized the safety of our community by responsibly funding our first responder forces. We hired more police officers, invested in body cameras and modern technology, provided our firefighters with new equipment and worked with Mayor Stothert to open the West Omaha Police Precinct. Our heroes in uniform are now better equipped to protect our community.

Omaha is now one of the safest communities in America. Together, we can continue to make Omaha a safer place by providing first responders with the resources they need and the right policies to keep them accountable. 

Defending Your Dollars

With responsible, responsive leadership, we can continue to grow our community while defending your hard-earned dollars. We collaborated with Mayor Stothert to promote job growth and secure a new $200 million infrastructure plan to improve our roads. Meanwhile, we reduced your tax levy twice. Together, we can meet these multifaceted plans to prioritize our community with responsible spending.

Growing a Greater Omaha

Parks encourage a sense of community. A place to gather and play. As a member of the Parks Committee, we must preserve and grow our parks. I am committed to preserving the more than 11,000 acres of dedicated park lands in Omaha. Together, we have expanded, improved, and added to your neighborhood parks to boost your economy and attract new residents.